Do you dare to challenge yourself?

I can hardly imagine it’s been over 10+ years since I did my epic journey through Europe. You know what they say; time flies. But still, I can’t help but wonder how my life would have evolved without that journey, all those 5000K south to Gibraltar. Most likely, it would have turned out very differently. Something I naturally couldn’t have had any idea of back then.

At the same time, thinking about how life could have ended up is pointless. I decided to do that journey, and perhaps it was predestined to happen. After all, just as I describe in the book you, I had that urgeto head out on a long-distance bike tour for years. To bike all the way to Spain, to the very edge of Europe. It couldn’t have been any different. It was supposed to happen...

Adventure and Cycle Touring, is for you if;

  • You ever been curious about long-distance bike touring
  • You are interested in our joint human potential
  • You love travel, especially by human power alone
  • You are looking for inspiration and motivation

The book is written as a daily journal, focusing on thoughts, ideas, and what's it's like to do a long-distance bike tour, mixed with a good sense of humour.